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What is PPI?
PPI stands for Payment protection insurance
This product is sold to insure customers can repay their loan in case they can’t work due to sickness, disability, redundancy or some other reason that prevents them from being able to earn an income. PPI’s can be purchased to insure many types of loans including mortgages, car loans, credit cards and personal loans.

PPI’s normally cover you for a period of 12 months.

The controversy surrounding PPI

The main issue with PPI is that a lot of the time the person taking out the policy doesn’t even know if they qualify to claim for PPI in the first place. This is because there is no underwriting process with PPI. So when a customer agrees to take out this policy, hardly any checks are done to see if the customer actually qualifies for it.

Another issue is that a large number of people actually don’t realize that they are paying extra for it.

Thankfully in April 2011 the high courts rules that the selling of PPI is unjust and mis-sold to the public.

It’s now time to challenge the legitimacy of your claim and agreement.

If you feel you are a victim of Mis-Sold PPI, then there may be hope!
You may be entitled to a substantial claim that could potentially be worth thousands of Pounds!

If you have, within the last 10 years taken out a loan/credit card or store card, we want to hear from you as we may be able to help you to retrieve your money back!!

What’s even better, if we undertake the claim for you and the bank(s) agree to compensate you, we can request for all the interest to be reimbursed as well.

The Nature of Mis Sold PPI
If you would like us to try and help you to investigate your PPI claim, ask yourself either one or more of the following:

•  Were you aware of the PPI? Did you ask for it?

•  At the time of the PPI, what was your Employment status? Were you unemployed, self-employed or retired when you took out the credit card or loan? (Did you know that PPI does not cover for instances like this)

• Were you told that PPI is compulsory and not optional?

• For higher Acceptance probabilities, were you told there would be a better opportunity of getting the loan or card if you opted to take the PPI?

•  Were you made aware that were PPI providers who could potentially have been cheaper that the one you took the PPI with?

If you feel that one or more of the questions above apply to you, we would suggest you should be able to reclaim your PPI and contact us for further advice.

What to do next?
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